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Aidwatch call for Consultants

CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. We are made up of member organisations: 28 national associations, 21 international networks and 3 associate members that represent over 2,600 NGOs, supported by millions of citizens across Europe. We are the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on development policy. We are a not for profit organisation, registered under Belgian law as an a.i.s.b.l - Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif - (An international not for profit association).

CONCORD is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard torace,colour,religion,creed,gender,nationalorigin,age,disability,maritalorveteranstatus,sexual orientation,oranyotherlegallyprotectedstatus.Allemploymentdecisionsaremadeentirelyonmerit. We strongly encourage persons with disabilities toapply.

In the framework of the preparation of the AidWatch Report 2018, CONCORD Europe is launching a call for external consultants. Each year, CONCORD produces an annual AidWatch reporton the quantity and quality of European aid. This report is launched in countries across Europe and used to informcoordinatedEuropeanlobbyworktoinfluencepolicymakersandholdgovernmentstoaccount on their aidpledges.


The work should be done between May 2018 and end of September 2018 when a final draft should be presented.

Job description:

The main tasks of the job would consist of:

Module 1 (90%)

·         Preparing the concept note for the AidWatch Report 2018 and questionnaire forquantitative and qualitative data collection from CONCORDs national platforms in consultation with the CONCORD Hub2 ODA & Development Effectivenessworkstream;

·         Coordinating the AidWatch national focal points throughout the process of the productionof the AidWatchReport;

·         Analysing the DAC OECD statistics (CRS) in general and on selected issues using Concords special methodology (imputed student costs, refugee costs, debt relief, tied aid, loans the methodology will require some updates) from2010-2017;

·         Drafting the the part of the overview chapter of the report which summarises the main findings of data analysis, including graphs and tables (on the basis of the questionnaire data receivedfromthenationalplatforms),ECcountrypageandincorporatingcommentsfromthe consultationprocess;

·         Participating regularly in teleconferences of the CONCORD Hub2 ODA & Development Effectivenessworkstream;

·         Working with the designer on the layout, presentation and communication of the report findings.

Module 2 (10%) in parallel

·         Conducting desk research and interviewing Concord and other EU aid experts and draft the part of the Overview Chapter outlining EU policy trends affecting EU aid policies and incorporate comments from the consultationprocess;

·         Participating regularly in teleconferences of the CONCORD Hub2 ODA & Development Effectivenessworkstream;

Report content and format:

The primary purpose of the AidWatch Report 2018 is to hold the EU and member states to account for their commitments on aid quantity and quality as well as for focussing aid on poverty and inequality reduction.

The AidWatch Report 2018 will focus on capturing the main ODA trends and the format of the report:

·         Overview chapter on the EU aid trends (drafted by the AidWatchconsultant)

·         Country pages (prepared by national platforms and edited by AidWatchconsultant)

·         Please visitthis linkfor examples of the previousreports.

Candidate Profile:

Successful candidates for this post will respond as much as possible to the following profile:


·         Experience of quantitative and quality data analysis (including use of OECD and Eurostat databases)

·         Excellent English writing and editing skills; ability to write about complex issues in an engaging and catchyway

·         Excellent knowledge of EU Development Cooperationissues

·         Very good understanding and knowledge of the aid/development effectivenessagenda

·         Experience of coordinating and managing networks or multiple stakeholders would be an advantage


·         Experience of working in the NGO environment and with complex multiculturalnetworks

To Apply:

PleasesendaCVoutliningyourrelevanceexpertiseformeetingthisassignmentalongwithaproposal onhowyouwillundertakethisresearch,includingasuggestednumberofdaysandtheirdistribution between the different tasks and phases of the work and your day rate. Please also indicate if you proposal covers only Module 1, only Module 2 or both Module 1 and2.

Please submit this to Alexandra Rosen at CONCORD Europe alexandra.rosen@concordeurope.orgby Wednesday, 23 April, at 12.00h noon CET. Interviews with selected applicants will take place on 25 and 26 of April. Please include the position (CONCORD AidWatch consultant) plus your name in the subject of the email.