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Call for Consultants Research on Global Citizenship Education (GCE): How much do we care?

CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. We are made up of member organisations: 28 national associations, 20 international networks and 3 associate members that represent over 2,600 NGOs, supported by millions of citizens across Europe. We are the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on development policy. We are a not for profit organisation, registered under Belgian law as an a.i.s.b.l - Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif / An international not for profit association). CONCORD is seeking a consultant to prepare a publication on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) Study of investment in GCE across member states by national governments between 2011 and 2015. CONCORD is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, colour, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status. All employment decisions are made entirely on merit. We strongly encourage persons with disabilities to apply.

 Hub 4 (Global Citizenship Education and Peoples Engagement working structure) of CONCORD is looking to work with a researcher in mid to late 2017 to capture the level of investment in Global Citizenship Education by National Governments across all EU member states plus Norway between the years 2011 and 2015. This study will primarily be a quantitative analysis of the primary sources of investment by national governments directed at NGO`s. 
However, there will also be a qualitative narrative, which focuses on some of the differences in contexts and language. Hub 4 feels strongly that GCE has huge potential is helping countries across the EU implement and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In order for Hub 4 and their respective members to lobby and advocate for GCE we feel it is important to have an evidential base to argue from. Identifying the level of investment in GCE and attempting to gauge patterns of support between 2011 and 2015 will allow us work from a baseline, which this study will provide. That baseline will help inform Civil Society in their efforts to achieve Agenda 2030. 
The European Multi Stakeholder group published a report in 2010 called DE Watch REPORT-2015- 001.pdf?1d6b43 which will help inform and shape this study.

Aims and objectives of the publication:
Hub 4 recognises that some of the language used in DE watch has been updated and revised. We also appreciate that different countries will refer to GCE as Development Education, Global Education or Global Learning. This study will assume that those areas of endeavour are close enough in terms of frames and values to assume that they are GCE. We would like the research to use the term GCE throughout this study, which is in line with UNESCO. According to UNESCO, Global Citizenship Education (GCED) aims to empower learners to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges and to become proactive contributors to a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure world.  

● Research approach and Questionnaire to be developed by the consultant along with the support of the Hub 4 task group ● Develop and disseminate the questionnaire to CONCORD National Platforms (at least 20 NP - if possible 28 or more including countries like Norway for example) who will then seek the required data from their respective Ministries (or other relevant authorities, organisations etc.) ● Collect data from Hub 4 members and proceed to collating and analysing data, proceeding to a draft report ● Commenting and editing by the Hub 4 Task group / Hub 4 steering Group and Hub 4 when appropriate ● Approving and proof-reading The role of the National platform representatives in the data collection phase of this research is key. It is envisaged that the responsibility for obtaining the necessary and appropriate data lies with the Hub 4 members. This will allow the consultant to concentrate on the collation and analysis of information. Approx 6-8 weeks will be provided for within the timeframe of this study for obtaining the necessary information. Platforms not providing the relevant information in a timely manner will not to be included in the final analysis

1. A final written report will be made available in December 2017. 2. An interim report will be made available to the steering group of Hub 4 in October 2017. 3. A presentation of the findings and elaboration of a draft advocacy strategy (at EU and national level) at CONCORD Hub 4 meeting - taking place on 7 November) would also be expected.

Indicative Timeline
 Beginning of June 2017 Launch of the consultancy call End of June Recruitment of the consultant End June - Beginning of July Initial meetings and research/analysis on current trends July Interviews / survey August - September ● Report drafting ● Presentation of the first findings to the HUB 4 Steering group November ● Presentation of the final draft in Tallinn, Estonia, on 7 November to whole HUB 4 ● Incorporating and consolidating comments coming from CONCORD members (HUB 4 mainly and other relevant CONCORD structures composed by NGOs professionals and practitioners) Beginning of December Finalisation of Report 

We anticipate that this work will mainly involve self-contained research. The consultancy can be undertaken remotely. If needed, CONCORD may be able to help and coordinate meetings with members/institutions. 

Skills and Qualifications 
The consultant is expected to have: ● Experience in working for or understanding of NGOs/education (formal/non formal) environment ● Significant understanding of the EU Development Cooperation and Global Citizenship Education issues (EU and UN level) ● Very good understanding and knowledge of Global Citizenship Education / Global Education / Development Education; awareness raising and in EU member states ● Experience of policy analysis, report writing and political communication, incl. ability to clearly formulate key recommendations ● Experience in quantitative and qualitative research ● Excellent English writing and editing skills; ability to write about complex issues in an engaging way 

Application procedure 
Please send the following elements: 
● a CV outlining your relevance expertise for this assignment 
● a proposal (max. one A4 page) on how you will undertake this research, including a suggested number of days and their distribution between the different tasks and phases of the work, as well as your daily rate 
● Send your application to by​ 23rd June 2017 
● Please include the position (CONCORD GCE consultant) plus your name in the subject of the email.