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Missing Children Europe

Once missing- Never forgotten?: Launch of research on the impact of publicity appeals

Missing Children Europe will launch the Once missing Never forgotten? research publication that we have recently carried out in relation to missing children publicity appeals and the right to be forgotten. Find the invite and programme at the bottom.

Together with the Universities of Portsmouth and Abertay, Missing Children Europe has looked into the impact and effectiveness of the dissemination of pictures of missing children; a practice commonly used. To date, little or no research has been done on how these publicity appeals impact the life of children once they are found, nor on the effectiveness in helping find missing children.

While disseminating images of missing children may help in some cases, there are also some challenges regarding the privacy of the child, the right to be forgotten and false information that (continues) to circulate, even when a child has been found, which can have a negative impact on the child and the family. We will present the results of our research at a breakfast briefing on Thursday the 6th April to which we warmly invite you and any of your colleagues who may be interested. Please sign up via this link if you are able to join us. If you are unable to attend but would still like to read a copy of the research, please let me know.

We are concerned because 2 ½ years after my daughters disappearance, whenever she searches for her name on the internet, she finds websites where she is still mentioned. My daughter is concerned because the profession that she chose requires a certain amount of publicity, but she feels that the information about her disappearance exposes her in a negative way

- Mother of a now 18 year-old, who went missing and attempted suicide when she was 16 years old

Our son went missing in 2007 and we have had no news of him since then. I have supported the idea since its inception as I think it will genuinely help to re-unite families with missing loved-ones. Since the 404 page app is absolutely free and easy to apply, I wish every website in the world would include it. It is such a good idea and also brings hope that perhaps someone someday will see our own son on there and have an answer or clue about what happened to him

Father of a missing boy


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